Novel reserve requirement dataset ( NOW UPDATED UNTIL 2015:Q3 )

Detailed list of the sample period for every country, the type of legal reserve requirements, the speci
fic source, and the dataset (in Excel and Stata) is available at Work Bank website:

Cite as:
FEDERICO, Pablo, Carlos VEGH, and Guillermo VULETIN, (2014), “Reserve Requirement Policy over the Business Cycle,” NBER Working Paper No 20612. 

Novel central bank independence measure

Open this file for a brief description of novel central bank independence variables. See our paper for more details.

Available in the Excel or STATA format.

Cite as: Guillermo VULETIN and Ling ZHU (2011) "Replacing a "disobedient" central bank governor with a "docile" one. A novel measure of central bank independence and its effect on inflation," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 43, pp. 1185-1215.